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'Korean Beauty'

Small, scented, bell-shaped, scented, lemon-yellow flowers, reddish at the base. Fruit heads persistent. This form was originally described and sold as a stable seed-strain selected from pure-bred C. chiisanensis, this has subsequently been determined by Wim Snoeijer as a Tangutica Group cultivar, probably derived instead from C. serratifolia.)

Group: Tangutica group
Fragrant: Yes
Approximate height: 2.5 - 3.0 metres
USDA zones: Ddem
Raised by: K Sahin
Date raised: sb2001 ni2001
Other name(s): Wrongly: chiisanensis 'Korean Beauty'

Further detail:

Tepals: 4; 5cm long, thick and fleshy, overlapping in lower half and gaps between in upper half; prominent ridges outside with characteristic deep-purple spurs near the base