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Small, drooping, bell-shaped flowers dull violet, violet or red-brown on the outside - sometimes edged yellow (very rarely, wholly yellow). Inside the flowers are greeny. Very thick tepals, each with a 'spur' near the base. White anthers.

Approximate height: 2.0 - 2.5 metres
Flowering period(s): Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Aspect: Any aspect
Pruning: No pruning (Group 1)
Country of origin: Korea, NW China, E Siberia
Parentage: Species
Other name(s): atragene koreana; alpina var koreana

Further detail:

Tepals: 4; 2.5-5cm long, 0.7-1.2cm wide, lanceolate or narrowly elliptical, tip pointed and recurved
Leaves: ternate