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Clematis people

Perhaps like you, we have been curious about some of the people and names associated with clematis. Some of these people are clematis breeders, some are associated with clematis in other ways. In this section we are starting to build up a collection of short 'articles' about some of these people. The articles are also available from the main pages of Clematis on the Web where the name appears.

This is a work in progress and we shall add to it as time allows. If you can help us by contributing an article, or by correcting or extending an existing one, please get in touch.

Click the names below for details

M A Beskaravainaja
Mike Brown
Brian Collingwood
Thomas Cripps
Raymond J Evison
Jim Fisk
Brother Stefan Franczak
Ton Hannink
Tetsuya Hirota
The Jackmans
Magnus Johnson
Eino Kala
Taavi and Aime Kivistik
Uno and Aili Kivistik
Ian Lang and Richard Green
Everett Leeds
Szczepan Marczynski
Charles Noble
M I Orlov
The Pennells
Vilhelmine Riekstina
Brewster Rogerson
Finn Rosholm
M F Sharonova
Wim Snoeijer
Thorncroft Clematis (R & J Gooch)
A N Volosenko-Valenis