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This web site is intended as a reference for clematis enthusiasts: it is not intended to be a 'plant-finder' site. Accordingly, it is not our intention to provide exhaustive lists of clematis suppliers. Indeed, the terms of our hosting agreement with the University of Hull prevent us from advertising individual nurseries and growers.

Users of 'Clematis on the Web' living in the UK may wish to make use of the on-line version of the RHS Plant Finder to locate particular cultivars by clicking here. The RHS page will open in a new window.

Visitors to this web site may find useful and detailed information about clematis on the sites listed below.


Clematis societies:

The International Clematis Society
The British Clematis Society
The Finnish Clematis Club
The Ranunculaceae Society


Commercial sites with detailed clematis information:

Clematis Container Nursery (Szczepan Marczynski), Poland
F M Westphal Clematis Nursery (In German, but lots of photos and info)
M√ľnster Baumschulen (In German, but lots of photos and info)


Other sites of interest to clematis enthusiasts:

Laumas Arboretum and Nature Park (Latvia)
Helmsley Walled Garden (UK)
Bubily family clematis site (Ukraine)   English text   Photographs