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Clematis montana var rubens

Scented, rosy, mauve-pink flowers. The original form was introduced from central China in 1901 by Wilson though collected around 1884 by Dr. Henry. Over the years this variety has become very confused and it is now known that, at some point, the authentic var. rubens was lost. There is a school of thought that suggests this form should be known as montana 'Rubens' to distinguish it from the original. The photographs here are of the later form.

Approximate height: infodot7.0 - 10.0 metres
Flowering period(s): infodotMay Jun
Aspect:Any aspect
Pruning:No pruning (Group 1)
Country of origin:China
Other name(s):montana 'Rubens'; PINK ANEMONE CLEMATIS
Further detail:  infodot

Database entry: 318